Charlie Chaplin’s Alternate History???

Well, Welll Well….I simply had no idea that there was Alternative History for Charlie Chaplin. He might have been a gypsy or a Jew but in any case he seems to have had no birth certificate that could be found. Wow.

Like a lot of alternate history it doesn’t make much difference to his art or accomplishments. In that sense it is rather like the battle over Who Was Shakespeare?

We study the plays, after all, not the diary of whichever Lord Nincompoop you fantasize was actually Shakespeare. In my opinion “the Stratford butcher boy” William Shakespeare himself, wrote his own plays. But there are other opinions.

I know the Obama Birth Certificate issue is pretty dead, but the Chaplin Mystery does throw cold water on two of the frequently repeated themes in the comment sections of blogs dealing with the debate.

1) Chaplin was able to obtain passports and all other legal documents in the apparent absence of  ANY birth certificate at all. The Brits seemed perfectly happy with his story and went with it. Many defenders of the president insisted it was impossible to run a normal life without a BC.

2) There are obvious and apparent limits to what the intelligence agencies can do and what they will do with info. MI5 couldn’t even pin down his birth location when asked to do so by an agency of the US government. So much for the infallibiliy of spy agencies. Of course it also makes ridiculous the idea that Hillary Clinton with her own vast spy agency 🙂 would have “found out” and used it to defeat Obama.

Curiously, it is support for what I have argued for a while now. I don’t think most Americans care too much where you were born, it is your allegiance to the country that matters. The headlines are more about the FBI and Mi5 Spying and about Communism than, shock! he may have been French.



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