Hitler’s Love Child?


The idea of Hitler as a father takes some getting used to. In part that is because he created an image of aloofness from human relationships. He and his followers were misogynistic, another reason that the idea Hitler had a family is jarring.

Of course no one is suggesting more than that he had an affair with results and that he spent some money on the mother and child.  A distant and (to most) unsatisfying sort of family. Cynics will note that it was probably tax money  he funneled to his ex and likely did not come directly from his pocket.  It is, nevertheless, an alternative history, if you will, of Hitler the man.  Perhaps a tenderer view. It is also one at odds with the accepted views of Hitler and his sexuality.

I think it is safe to say that there are two broad views of Hitler and his sex life. The first is that it was completely dysfunctional and based on sado-masochistic impulses. The second is that is was essentially homosexual. Despite rumors and perhaps wishful thinking (from a time when accusations of homosexuality were deadly insults) the second is not completely convincing. If you choose to read the case for Hitler’s homosexuality, you can read “The Hidden Hitler.” I found it unpersuasive about its main theme. However, the author does a good job of detailing the misogynistic nature of Hitler and his circle and gives good detail showing Hitler was not averse to homosexuals and had a great number of homosexual friends. The book is strong on the “cult of masculinity” entailed in Nazism. That cult is itself homosexual leaning.

The case for the first option can be found in numerous books. Der Fuehrer by Konrad Heiden is an early example. Heiden fled Germany before the war and wrote a biography while Hitler was still alive. He had been on the scene during the rise. In his book Hitler suffers from some terrible sado-masochistic impulses which he reveals to his niece.  That he was infatuated with his neice seems beyond question and that he was contemplating an affair with her also seems widely accepted. Heiden alleges the impulses were so awful she was horrified and tried to flee and was murdered by Hitler’s henchmen to prevent scandal.  What were those impulses? Heiden isn’t explicit but they certainly were what most would consider perverse.

Of course it must be noted that, as referenced briefly above, the offical story was that Hitler was ascetic and aloof. That is, if you will, the third view of his sex life: there was none.  Most people find a complete lack of sex life unlikely, but there are priests, monks and nuns of various religions who do just that.

Now we have the strong possiblity that he had at least one affair along conventional lines and that affair produced a child and that he had at least enough feelings for the mother and child to support them.

As in many cases of alternative history it does not change the basic narrative . World War Two and Nazism remain what they were. It is largely a footnote, but one that will inspire debate and more writings.




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