Can He Possibly Think We Are This Stupid?

A lot of us think so:

“Moreover, Obama is also certain that you, or at least your friends and neighbors, are too stupid to know that during the first two of his three years in office, the Congress was completely controlled by Democrat supermajorities that were able to give Obama anything he wanted. Congressional Republicans during those years were reduced to hapless bystanders, which is how Obamacare was passed.”

The article is an interest rebuttal to much of what President Obama and his minions assume about the economy and the errors of fact they trumpet.

In point of fact the Democrats rely on “us” being stupid because it is the only way their logical fallacies can pass as fact.

The author points out that the middle class was shrinking because more individuals were earning more and the bottom percentage was remaining static. They have turned that on its head – or more precisely repeat endlessly “the middle class is shrinking” while forgetting increase in income.

In another piece I noted his sleight of hand math. He got an ovation for “creating” three million jobs in 22 months. Forgetting that there were 5 million missing jobs left unaccounted for and that the three million only kept pace with the number entering the work force. So no new jobs were actually created.

Now we see, in another field, just how crazy the supporters can be. There is and always has been serious doubt about just how serious a problem “global warming” is. Now, as the facts continue to militate against the extreme notions of AGW, prominent proponents rely on illegal acts to try and smear opponents. At the same time prominent Democrats sail on oblivious to the fact there is real debate and “real” scientists have doubts about the danger posed by AGW. Some are even doubling down and demanding instant tax action before it is too late!

Finally, there is the eternal victimhood of the Democrats. If you listen to them they have done nothing for the last 30 to 50 years. They didn’t support any of the wars that were fought in that time, they had nothing to do with any aspect of the housing crisis (Barney Frank, anyone). They watched helplessly while the banks began looting and it really wasn’t them ridiculing Pres. Bush for attempting to come to grips with entitlements or reign in Freddie and Fanny.


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