R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart

I woke up this morning to discover that Andrew Breitbart had died just about the time I went to bed last night. All I can say is that he was more frequently a topic of conversation when  I spoke to conservative friends than almost any other conservative icon.

For he was an icon.

If I could I would thank him, but this short obituary will have to do. For me, his help in creating the Drudge Report was enormously important. It was probably the first thing I turned to a few months  after 9/11. I had been a confirmed Democrat, but the response of the Democratic Party to the events of 9/11 quickly turned me off. I began to question the attitudes and the beliefs of fellow Democrats and started to look for the other side of the question. Drudge helped me along in that path. Later, I discovered Beitbart and the enormous ingenuity, strength and valor he had.

Every condolence, thought and prayer is with his friends, family and the readers who have lost so much.

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