I’M Back

Hello Everyone

I’m back from vacation and just in time for the heartening news that the Supreme Court may possibly vacate the entire health care law. Whew! We need real health care reform not that statist monstrosity cobbled together by the administration’s friends in the pharmaceutical industry.

Time for a do-over. Make Congress pass a responsible law instead of the nonsense it has been foisting on us. Congress is the architect of the problems in health care and is not the choice for the body to oversee health care.

Go Sceptical Justices!

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2 Responses to I’M Back

  1. Tom Burney says:

    Now that healthcare represents well over 21% of our GDP, it appears some members of the Supreme Court are taking a serious look at what makes up that expense borne by all Americans. They discovered the law industry took the first bite with frivolous malpractice suits. Then the insurance industry doubled-dipped by raising malpractice insurance to counter the trial lawyers. Feeling left out, the accounting profession invented the HMO so they could insert themselves between the doctor and the patient. But the worst parasites of all are the professional politicians who require chaos in the market place so they can demand tribute from all industries. The consumers clamour for relief without realizing the chief torturer is the politician.

  2. ..Nicely Put, Tom. I see that issue in the fact that so many are fixated simply on defeating President Obama…which would be nice but would do little to clean up the cesspool that is Washington and the state houses. Republicans may be less guilty (40% in my estimate) but that is still a big chunk of guilt and there are lots of guilty Republicans around…

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