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….But Bernanke Said…It Would Be Great….When He Wasn’t Saying We Are Toast…

First Larry Johnson:   Now Ben Bernanke Today…. But in February… And, you can lok this up, Ken Salazar is talking about $9 gas….     Advertisements

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The Law of Unintended Consequences? So, if this is correct the illegals and other immigrants are fleeing to a country with a stable, mentally balanced government and a growing economy….  

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California Is Broke…Here Is The Reason Redux I posted this list and very similar sentiments on 1/5/2011. At the time the blog was expected to be mostly about the sorry state of California.  Well, I have been blogging about many things and California has been slogging … Continue reading

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Climate Alarm Suffers Body Blow… If I am not entirely mistaken this guy was not only a little alarmist, he was banging the gong and shouting “It may be too late to solve this Act Now!” In other words, we are cursed with the … Continue reading

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Lord Monckton On The Fallacies Of Global Warming Logic A very interesting piece to read. Here is one choice quote: “Some climate extremists say there is a “consensus of evidence”. However, evidence cannot hold or express an opinion. There has been no global warming for a decade and … Continue reading

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I Hope The Optimism Is Justified Late last year or early this year Karl Rove got a certain bandwagon going with a prediction that President Obama is a one-term wonder. Since that time, a few others have joined the bandwagon. Here is another. I am … Continue reading

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April is Titanic Month….

I had thought that I might get through April without a Titanic post, but it is the centennial after all and some of my favorite blogs forced my hand. For the conspiracy buffs there is this: Some people think … Continue reading

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