More Hidden “Health Care Reform” Costs – $17 Trillion Short Fall Found

This was in the news a week or two ago and bears repeating. Evidently, senate staffers were studying the bill find out what was in it and found a huge shortfall in payment. I hope the Supreme Court recognizes the folly of this bill and finds a way to kill it. Otherwise we are in trouble. Rick Moran has some trenchant words for it. Note the second paragraph.

“Many  analysts believe the actual shortfall in Medicare and Medicaid is much higher,  bringing the total difference between spending and taxes to over $120 trillion.  Of course, we have 75 years to make things right, but given the track record of  congress over the last several decades, one shouldn’t be confident that anything  will change.

I  might also point out that all this extra spending we’ve been finding in  Obamacare comes before any of the hundreds – perhaps thousands – of new regulations are promulgated that will implement  the more than 100 boards, commissions, and panels that will oversee the massive  program. Those regulations will have the force of law and will likely add huge  costs to health care providers and patients.”

Professor Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection has been making that exact point for some time. The biggest problem with the “Health care reform” bill is the sheer amount of expensive bureaucracy it will create. If I recall correctly he estimates as many as two regulations per page – with attending expansion of bureaucracy and enforment personnel.  I believe this is what Justice Kennedy was getting at when he referred to a “fundamental change” in the relationship between us and the government that supposedly works for us. One can only hope Justice Kennedy doesn’t want to create that kind of change.

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