NASA Employees Out Of Step With “Global Warming” Parade

Fifty NASA scientists, astronauts and engineers  have signed a polite letter asking the agency to stop shilling for the global warming catastrophe screed coming out of a few top scientists and other interested parties. I think most are retired and their total experience amounts to hundreds of years with NASA.

Read the letter and note they are not saying that there has been no warming or that there is no human impact on climate. Most so-called “deniers” actually do accept the possibility (some say probability) of a consistent warming trend partly (slightly? Minimally? Fully?) caused by human activity.

There is no real agreement and never has been.

What the signers don’t accept is the notion of “settled science” and imminent catastrophe if actions are not taken that will directly enrich very few (conveniently including a good number of the loudest proponents of “global warming”) and make the rest of us lead poorer, more difficult lives.



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