April is Titanic Month….

I had thought that I might get through April without a Titanic post, but it is the centennial after all and some of my favorite blogs forced my hand.

For the conspiracy buffs there is this:


Some people think the sinking was actually part of a mega insurance scam and that the Olympic was substituted for the Titanic. However, the ships had what amounts to VIN numbers – i.e. there are ways to tell almost identical ships apart – and this idea hasn’t gained much traction.

For those interested in causes of the sinking there is this discussion about the weather the Titanic faced and the apparent fact that a very hard, cold winter seems to have pushed a larger number of bigger icebergs farther south and deep enough into the shipping lanes  to hit Titanic. Incidentally the mugshot of the probable culprit is attached.


If you read the comments section the point is repeatedly made that the basic blame lies with the captain who didn’t slow down or stop. Why he didn’t is conjectural. But we should remember that there  was a coal fire aboard. It seems to have been a bad fire and may, or may not have heated bulkheads red hot. It may have been extinguished and it may not, testimony differs. But Smith was between a rock and a hard place. Prudence dictated keeping his mouth zipped about the fire and getting into port fast to be certain the fire was quelled, damage minimized and the passengers remained unaware of the danger. But prudence also dictated slowing down or stopping in the presence of ice.


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