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Another Prediciton That President Obama Will Lose In November Karl Rove made a similar prediction in January based on his belief that the president has lost too much ground with independents and other key voter blocs he needs to win. This analysis is more detailed. Once again, I … Continue reading

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Amelia Earhart’s Anti-Freckle Cream Jar? UPDATE I love archaeology and it often aids in historical research, but I feel there is some serious stretching going on here. The TIGHAR people are relying on some pretty sketchy stuff, most of it  is, to be honest, … Continue reading

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Romney Has Many Opportunities To Highlight Obama Administration Failures…

…and one of those failures is energy policy I hate to say it,but our current leadership is afraid of workable energy and favors only tax payer funded boondoggles that benefit its “green” friends.  Obama/Biden lied outright in 2008 by … Continue reading

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President Obama Insults Poland??? The poor Poles lost millions of people to Nazi/Soviet butchery, including several million Jews.  Now this. In defense of the president I must say he probably meant to say that the camps were located in Poland. You can say … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Remembrances Bear with me. I normally attend a Memorial Day service near my home but I was under the weather this morning and had home some other committments. Fortunately, many of my fellow bloggers are taking this day seriously and … Continue reading

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Someone Else To Remember On Memorial Day… Bringing this prisoner home hasn’t exactly been  Job One…  

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Memorial Day Thoughts

From Hillbuzz:   You can save this and read it frequntly: Make Everyday Memorial Day…  

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