More On Kenyan Birth Claims

I have been thinking about yesterday’s revelation that President Obama, (and his wife)  have claimed Kenyan birth for the president.

I find it disturbing and I believe it presages serious trouble for the president.

Either he knowingly claimed Kenyan birth when it suited him or his support team is so incompetent that it can’t check facts even a decade later. These are not attractive options.

If he knowlingly claimed Kenyan birth to suit his imediate purposes, he must also account for his vicious attacks on those who wished to see his birth certificate in a timely manner. He also owes at least an apology to Lt. Col. Lakin who sacrificed a medical career in the military over his demand to see the certificate.

What strikes me today is how destructive the president is. Everything he touches is damaged. Many people went to bat for him and spent time and credibility assaulting those who questioned his eligibility. His nonchalant failure to acknowledge his own past history of false birth claims has undermined their credibility.  Defenders such as the Skeptical Dictionary, which used scientific jargon to dismiss birth skeptics have lost credibility because of this man.

Perhaps the biggest loser in this mess is the traditional media which accepted his fudged narratives at face value and acted like a pit bull when either his eligibility or his Hawaiian birth were challened. A simple set of searches and an independent spirit would have saved them. No they look like fools because they took up the cudgels in defense of a story he himself changed to suit his convenience.

The constant destructiveness of this man is amazing. I am only talking about one issue and we haven’t even discussed the amount of wealth he and his cronies have destroyed.  Or his single handed destruction of public finance in presidential elections. Or….


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