Memorial Day Remembrances

Bear with me. I normally attend a Memorial Day service near my home but I was under the weather this morning and had home some other committments. Fortunately, many of my fellow bloggers are taking this day seriously and I can share some of their work with you.

Many Americans have no clue what Memorial Day actually is. I was one for a long time until I “dsicovered” Memorial Day in the wake of 9/11.  That day did change me and I am now even more aware than I was before of the sacrifice many of our fellow countrymen make on our behalf. Not just military personnel but a host of people who do dangerous jobs unflinchingly on our behalf. So I hope we can all temper the pleasure we get from a barbecue on a fine May day with a heartfelt remembrance and thanks for those who have given so much more so willingly.

I am reminded of an anecdote in Stephen Ambrose’s D-Day book where he recounts the heroism of a young lieutenant in one of the parachute divisions. He was waiting to lead his stick out of the transport when he was hit and severely wounded. He could have stayed aboard and aborted the jump, possibly saving his lfe but keeping his stick out of action. Instead, he chose to jump, sacrificing his life to be sure his stick got into action. Ity is important to remember his name, which can be found in Ambrose’s book, but it is also important to remember the thousands of men and women whose names will not be known to us who also have given that “last full meansure” as he did. Their actions were often every bit as brave and self-sacrificing but their names are known but to their God.

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