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I Don”t Think The Supreme Court Helped President Obama….Who Isn’t Helping Himself Anyway… “financially raping the elderly” joins “largest tax increase in human history” among great campaign slogans for November…. For better or worse SCOTUS has pushed this mess into the electoral arena and now the Democrats own it. We have to … Continue reading

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Speaking Of New Health Care Taxes

Here is the list of the new Taxes the president owns and will have to campaign on for re-election:    

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Health Care Musings

I admit that when I first saw the ruling I ws disheartened and felt angry. Since the ruling it seems that there are two broad themes of conservative thought. Legal Insurrection feels that it is a horible decision, while some … Continue reading

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Victor Davis Hanson on Liberal Implosion It has become almost a cliche that the Democratic Party is now a leftist refuge. Hanson takes a look at some of the more egregious examples of the failures inherent in the model used by those governing us. I … Continue reading

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Escape? Or Drown? Alcatraz Prisoner’s Fate A Mystery… I remember reading about this as a child. The¬†official line is that they drowned. But if you read the article, no bodies turned up and statistically, two out of three do in SF Bay drownings….hmmmmmm….

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Today is the 68th anniversary of the D-Day landings in northern France, landings which doomed the Nazis and meant the war in Europe had less than one year to go. By this hour, about 1 p.m., the landing forces were … Continue reading

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TIGHAR Believes Amelia Earhart Radio Signals Were Genuine I am not sure what to make of this. There were apparently more than 100 signals after the plane disappeared claiming to be from Earhart. TIGHAR thinks 57 of them are “credible.” I want to keep an eye on … Continue reading

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