Bad Bad News …Economy Edition

Here is the key quote:

“None of this is good news for the United States or our economy over the next year.  I will repeat what I have written before–this news is not a cause for celebration.  It is a simple reminder that Obama has been asleep rather than do anything of substance to boost our domestic economy.  He is in over his head and more bad news is likely in the coming months.

UPDATE–This jobs report is disastrous.  It is more than 50% less than what is needed just to keep pace with population growth.  If this was happening only here then the cause for alarm would not be as great.  But most of the world’s big economies are moving downward.  Obama will not do what needs to be done because those steps, such as reducing government regulations and expanding oil and gas exploration, run counter to his ideology.  Time for Barry the Chooming Pothead to go back to Chicago.”



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