TIGHAR Believes Amelia Earhart Radio Signals Were Genuine


I am not sure what to make of this.

There were apparently more than 100 signals after the plane disappeared claiming to be from Earhart.

TIGHAR thinks 57 of them are “credible.”

I want to keep an eye on this. As far as I know these were signals and not voice recordings so the debate is technical and probably subject to serious dispute. It is accepted that a number of ghoulish hoaxsters made false signals, which only adds to the chatter. The scenario is still a little wacky. With enough fuel to get to Gardner she stops circling Howland, which she is on top off, and flies off about 300 miles with no word except the cryptic reference to a flight line that passes over both Howland and Gardner. One expert said she died because of poor planning and poor execution. This could be an example. Everone is searching around Howland and she flies another 300 miles. Without clearly telling anyone or sending any known broadcast during the 300 mile flight.  I still don’t see it.

But, the crow is on ice.

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