Guaranteed To Make A “Green Environmentalist” Turn Red With Rage…

From VDH:

An uncomfortable look at the similarities between “environmentalists”
and Imams.

Two of the best paragraphs:

“Modern affluence and leisure also contribute to both the ability and the desire
to destroy monuments of the past. Twenty-first-century technology allows
premodern Islamists to have the weaponry, and the leisure time, for such
destruction. If the statutes at Bamiyan are pagan, then so are the explosives
that the Taliban used to obliterate them. And it is only because water so easily
flows from San Francisco faucets, and power is a matter of flicking a switch —
not the case in 1913, when a growing San Francisco was short on clean water and
newfound electricity — that today’s green imams have the latitude to dream of
their own version of a pure and uncontaminated paradise.

A general
historical ignorance among the public at large plays a role, too. Just as
fundamentalist madrassas pound dogma into the heads of students without any
historical appreciation of the richness and variety of religions in the early
Middle East, so too have politically driven courses in our universities crowded
out broad classes in history. Students in our own versions of the madrassas can
recite all the commandments of their sacred green texts, but they know very
little about the nation’s past — and almost nothing about the constant poverty,
physical ordeal, and, yes, early death that our forefathers struggled against to
ensure that we might not.”

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