Economcic Disaster Dead Ahead…Who Is To Blame?

I guess there is a place for “both parties are guilty” pieces but in my opinion they actually don’t help much. Why? Because both parties take comfort from the arguments and spin the argument to their credit.

It is worse with this piece because the familiar “billionaires and bankers” and PACs are the comfortable villains, working through the two parties. The problem is and remains Congress and a voting public that won’t vote their punishments. There is also lots of blame for a “reform” and “Hope and Change” president who delivered neither nor. Four years of promises later and the banks have still not been reformed, their debt has not been driven through the system and all anybody can think of is raising taxes, spending money and printing away the shortfall.

In my opinion the better course is to decide which party is guiltier, vote them out of control and then make the winners (and survivors) toe the line. That is precisely what I hope happens in November and beyond.

It is no secret I want the president and his Chicago gang out of office. I want angry voters to clean out Congress. And then I want those angry voters to stay awake for the next four years and keep cleaning Congress. It isn’t an easy task. Undoing damage created by the president and his minions (such as scuttling the entire concept of publicly funded elections – an entirely Obama created miracle) will take years.

Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of red-state or Republican pork to get rid of too, and there are conservatives who are fond of judicial activism if it is to their taste. We need to get back to a smaller, less intrusive government that lives within its means.  Or else we are  down the rathole.

Meanwhile, one of the central points of the article is true: in an election year the political opponents are doing some fancy fiddling while the economic train heads for a brick wall.

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