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Please Help End Illinois Voter fraud!   From Hill Buzz…spread the word! Advertisements

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A Nice Graphic on the 1% and the 99% A nice way to point out who is and is not paying taxes…which is important but we must no forget that Congress goes around the whole tax structure by using its credit cards and deficit spending….  

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Has The Economic “Death Spiral” started?

It is difficult to argue the point. We have been ill-served by Congress for the last 30 years or more and the policies of the present administration have worsened our plight immeasurably. Now comes this succinct view of a bleak … Continue reading

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Did They Find Richard III’s Skeleton? What wonders will archaeology and forensics reveal next? About all that can be said for certain now is that the skeleton of a man probably killed in battle who appears to have had a shoulder deformity has been found … Continue reading

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