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Another Reason The Health Care Bill Is A Bad Idea The IRS apparently gives away billions unlawfully. This is a fine example of the argument people have been making against the health care law and other government over reach. The amount of damage a rogue agency can cause is … Continue reading

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Belafonte Dismayed By Obama’s First Term… Fascinating on a couple of levels: First, how come intelligent people couldn’t understand what it means to be a quasi-Marxist member of the Chicago political machine? It is not as if it was hard to understand Barack Obama from … Continue reading

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Subsidies Gone Mad…Subsidizing Russian Companies? This is appalling for several reasons. First, we are out of control on subsidies in general. We currently pay people not to plant and reimburse them for either buying or not buying. This distorts the markets and has gotten … Continue reading

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More On Solyndra I let this one ripen a bit before posting…events have been moving and the outline of the iceberg is clearer. They say that more than 2/3rd’s of an iceberg is below the surface and hence invisible……

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Solyndra: The Embarrassment That Keeps On Embarrassing Evidently, the execs at Solyndra have retained counsel and counsel is telling them “shut your yap.” I wonder if anyone in the administration has retained counsel? Oh, wait, they are all lawyers….  

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Is President Obama Serious About Fixing The Economy?

UPDATED SECOND UPDATE: AP FACTHECK CRITICAL OF SPEECH: President Obama is entering a critical phase of his administration with a stalled economy, shrinking approval and looming scandals in which cronies get hundreds of millions of tax dollars and go … Continue reading

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More On The New Teapot… Here is an interesting comment: “This is the business model of the politically connected in Illinois. Rezko, Valerie Jarrett, Penny Pritzer, and the whole gang have done this same scam repeatedly. The taxpayers ALWAYS are left holding the bag. … Continue reading

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