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A Nice Graphic on the 1% and the 99% A nice way to point out who is and is not paying taxes…which is important but we must no forget that Congress goes around the whole tax structure by using its credit cards and deficit spending….   Advertisements

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Has The Economic “Death Spiral” started?

It is difficult to argue the point. We have been ill-served by Congress for the last 30 years or more and the policies of the present administration have worsened our plight immeasurably. Now comes this succinct view of a bleak … Continue reading

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Another Example Of The Perfect Storm…. What this means is that literally thousands of families will all be significantly less well off. They will be unable to keep the family home, maintain the family business or have inheritances or start new businesses etc. etc. etc. Couple … Continue reading

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Economcic Disaster Dead Ahead…Who Is To Blame? I guess there is a place for “both parties are guilty” pieces but in my opinion they actually don’t help much. Why? Because both parties take comfort from the arguments and spin the argument to their credit. It is worse … Continue reading

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Bad Bad News …Economy Edition Here is the key quote: “None of this is good news for the United States or our economy over the next year.  I will repeat what I have written before–this news is not a cause for celebration.  It is … Continue reading

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Romney Has Many Opportunities To Highlight Obama Administration Failures…

…and one of those failures is energy policy I hate to say it,but our current leadership is afraid of workable energy and favors only tax payer funded boondoggles that benefit its “green” friends.  Obama/Biden lied outright in 2008 by … Continue reading

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Job Participation..Labor Force Is Plummeting Under Current Policies This is a graphic from Hillbuzz. The theme has been repeated elsewhere. The argument is that although the unemployment numbers as released remain essentially steady, they are a measure of a smaller and smaller overall workforce. Unemployment rates are a … Continue reading

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