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Greek Collapse

The situation in Greece is getting very bad. What the Greeks have done to their economy, we are doing to ours. The clock is ticking and we are ignoring the opportunity to lance the boil and accept some pain now … Continue reading

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A Reminder About The Nuclear Disaster That Isn’t….And The Economic Disaster That Is… I was for some years a journalist in what is now called “the mainstream media.” It was years ago, but the inaccuarcy, hysteria, pandering, over hyped reporting and drift toward sensational celebrity watching were all evident then. Now it … Continue reading

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Some Reasonable Words on The Future of Nuclear Power….

From its inception,human use of nuclear energy in all forms has frightened large numbers of people, many of whom have less of an idea about how it works than I do. Admittedly, physics is not my field and it is beyond … Continue reading

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California Storms Can Rival Earthquakes, List of Potential Disasters Grows

 You can add catastrophic storms to earthquakes and fires as potential disasters for Californians to face. Scientists now think the potential for super destructive storms is real and can rival earthquakes – if not surpass them in damage. Until … Continue reading

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