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I Find This A Little Bit Funny…But Sad… It is funny, because the Law of Unintended Consequences took a hand in the study. But it is not funny for three reasons: – It  helps explain the rabidity of the AGW position and the ferocity of the exponents … Continue reading

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Romney Has Many Opportunities To Highlight Obama Administration Failures…

…and one of those failures is energy policy I hate to say it,but our current leadership is afraid of workable energy and favors only tax payer funded boondoggles that benefit its “green” friends.  Obama/Biden lied outright in 2008 by … Continue reading

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Electric Cars Are Dirty Too…Perhaps Dirtier Than Gas Cars This is a good example of the sloppy thinking we are guilty of as a culture. Millions of us think gas cars are “bad!” and that anything else is better. Wrong. As the article points out electric cars have … Continue reading

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New Nuclear Reactor Permitted…But It Is “Old School”…Thorium Out In The Cold Whew. Sort of good news. Kind of. We are licensing a new nuclear reactor, which is good. But it is not a thorium reactor, which is bad. If you read this piece, more than one year old, and follow … Continue reading

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More On The President’ s “None Of THe Above” Engergy Policy This and he has killed or delayed Keystone. He and his ilk are simply not going to allow any drilling they can possibly stop. No matter what the cost to us. They have to go in November, all of … Continue reading

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More On Solyndra I let this one ripen a bit before posting…events have been moving and the outline of the iceberg is clearer. They say that more than 2/3rd’s of an iceberg is below the surface and hence invisible……

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Solyndra: The Embarrassment That Keeps On Embarrassing Evidently, the execs at Solyndra have retained counsel and counsel is telling them “shut your yap.” I wonder if anyone in the administration has retained counsel? Oh, wait, they are all lawyers….  

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