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IsThe Idea Of Thorium Power Finally Catching On? Maybe, but why am I still meeting chemical engineers who have no idea what I am talking about? I haven’t heard back from Hatch’s office, but last I checked the bill that would allow thorium to be reinstated as … Continue reading

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Dogbert Hits Nail On Head A good laugh on the idea of Green Technology… Environmentalism: Utopianism, False Doomsday Scenarios, Wishful Thinking, Government Aggrandizement, Psuedo Science and Bullying all rolled up into one unattractive ball.

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Japan Pulls Off A Technological Miracle…Reactors Are Cooling…

The mainstream media is taking a break from Libya coverage to take note… Japan embraced western science, technology and value systems beginning in the 1850’s. Critics may harp on the fact that they  have not always used their western … Continue reading

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German Physicist: Let Science Determine Nuclear Future, Not Media Fear Mongering….

From WattsUpWithThat comes an open letter from a German physicist asking that science, not fear determine the future of nuclear power. I think this quote from Dr. Peter Heller’s Open Letter is eloquent: “The media suggests a nuclear catastrophe, … Continue reading

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Some Reasonable Words on The Future of Nuclear Power….

From its inception,human use of nuclear energy in all forms has frightened large numbers of people, many of whom have less of an idea about how it works than I do. Admittedly, physics is not my field and it is beyond … Continue reading

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On “Banana Equivalent Doses,” Thorium, Science and Green Dogma UPDATE: When I referred to the “sun’s radiation” I was referring to sunlight as a form of radiation. I realize X-rays, Cosmic Rays and other parts of the  radiation spectrum are not  healthful to humans. That is the most … Continue reading

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Thorium Spotlighted as Part of Healthy Energy Future The linked slide presentation was prepared by David Archibald, whose work on thorium recently appeared here. Archibald has written a book that will be out soon on which the slideshow is based. The slideshow is technical but well worth … Continue reading

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