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The Law of Unintended Consequences? So, if this is correct the illegals and other immigrants are fleeing to a country with a stable, mentally balanced government and a growing economy….   Advertisements

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Petition Drive Seeks Repeal Of California “Dream” Act…

Here is the link to the website: We must knock ourselves out….. I know that I have been guilty of feeling helpless because I live in California and have sometimes succumbed to the “it’s no use” attitude. It is easy … Continue reading

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Good News: E-Verify Making Progresss Toward Becoming Law, Link to NumbersUSA IS At Bottom

Your Faxes & Calls Are Beginning to Dislodge New E-Verify Cosponsors — Now Is Time To Accelerate The Pressure To Sign Lamar Smith’s Bill Your activism this week has succeeded in putting most offices on notice that Chairman Smith’s Legal … Continue reading

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Herman Cain Has Passing Grade On Immigration…. I like Herman Cain for a number of reasons. It is good to see that he has a passing grade on immigration issues, even if barely. Michele Bachmann is still the leader on immigration issues, with a B-. Compared … Continue reading

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How Long Must We Suffer With This Guy As Governor? Our Governor will go down in history as the creator of his own syndrome: Jerry Brown Syndrome. JBS was evident long ago, when he was governor the first time. It is a simple, but very poisonous, syndrome.  JBS means … Continue reading

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E-Verify Bill Passes Major Hurdle In Congress..Only Two Amendments Attached… This is good news plain and simple. With an administration determined on a schizoid immigration policy that on balance favors illegals, the immediate solution has to be found in enforceable federal law. The political balance of the house has … Continue reading

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Illegals ARE Expensive

Among the arguments leftists make for open borders is the notion that illegal aliens are all hard working types who contribute more than they take and never game the system. We all know this is false and the article linked … Continue reading

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