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Romney Has Many Opportunities To Highlight Obama Administration Failures…

…and one of those failures is energy policy I hate to say it,but our current leadership is afraid of workable energy and favors only tax payer funded boondoggles that benefit its “green” friends.  Obama/Biden lied outright in 2008 by … Continue reading

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Electric Cars Are Dirty Too…Perhaps Dirtier Than Gas Cars This is a good example of the sloppy thinking we are guilty of as a culture. Millions of us think gas cars are “bad!” and that anything else is better. Wrong. As the article points out electric cars have … Continue reading

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It is still time for Thorium Here is an interesting article on thorium, notable for a few things. 1) It is about five years old and little has changed. India and China are still actively pursuing the technology – and we aren’t. 2) It makes … Continue reading

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New Nuclear Reactor Permitted…But It Is “Old School”…Thorium Out In The Cold Whew. Sort of good news. Kind of. We are licensing a new nuclear reactor, which is good. But it is not a thorium reactor, which is bad. If you read this piece, more than one year old, and follow … Continue reading

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Thorium Still Stalled….Four Years Or More Later This is a nice juxtaposition and it shows how badly our priorities are skewed. The first piece was written in 2007 and talked about the virtues of thorium. The legislation that would allow us to go back to … Continue reading

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Thorium Powered Car? The idea of a nuclear car has been a pipe dream forever…but with thorium under the hood, who knows??? (A number of commenters are pretty hard on the idea….sceptics!)

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Another Primer On Thorium…A Clean Way Out Of The Energy Dependency Mess I had another “Thorium? what’s That?” discussion today so I thought I would link to another primer on the issue. There seem to be very few downsides to thorium. The resistance seems to come from negative assumptions made by … Continue reading

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