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Today is the 68th anniversary of the D-Day landings in northern France, landings which doomed the Nazis and meant the war in Europe had less than one year to go. By this hour, about 1 p.m., the landing forces were … Continue reading

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President Obama Insults Poland??? The poor Poles lost millions of people to Nazi/Soviet butchery, including several million Jews.¬† Now this. In defense of the president I must say he probably meant to say that the camps were located in Poland. You can say … Continue reading

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June 6, 1944, Truly A Day To Remember….

June 6th 1944 was truly one of the most momentous days in history, certainly in modern history, and every minute was packed. The entire armada was underway June 5 and the first pathfinders, paratroops dropped first to mark the landing … Continue reading

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A Sad Day – The Band of Brothers Loses The Major

Major Richard “Dick” Winters, the officer who commanded¬† Easy Company, the World War Two Band of Brothers, has died. It is not mentioned specifically in the obituary, but the major was a fine example of the quick-thinking officers Eisenhower … Continue reading

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