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Guaranteed To Make A “Green Environmentalist” Turn Red With Rage…

From VDH: An uncomfortable look at the similarities between “environmentalists” and Imams. Two of the best paragraphs: “Modern affluence and leisure also contribute to both the ability and the desire to destroy monuments of the past. Twenty-first-century technology allows … Continue reading

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“Disappearing: Middle Class, Or So They Say An interesting little piece from HillBuzz about the lefty talking points behind “disappearing” middle class members. They aren’t  actually disappearing, after all. I would like to focus on points  #7 and #10. #7 I agree that entitlements don’t move people … Continue reading

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Is Democracy A Doomed Dead-End? For years a mashup email has been circulating on the web based on the work of Alexander Tyler (Tytler/) a Scottish professor who took a dim view of democracy. The mashup takes some of the good professor’s views and … Continue reading

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Galactic Head On Collision? This is Old News, but still interesting. We are in a galaxy that is “colliding” with another, but the time scale is as vast as the distances and number of starts involved…..

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Summer Vacation…Over?

It looks Like I have been negligent for about a month…lots going on, I think I am re energized and ready to post again!

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Searching for Amelia – Can Anyone Say Wild Goose?

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