The Band Of Brothers Loses Another

We are rapidly approaching the day when the last World War Two service member will pass on. I believe we are losing hundreds of veterans weekly, if not actually daily. There were, if I recall correctly, between 12 and 15 million men and women under arms in the various services during World War Two. Although a huge number, it is finite.

There are a number left and please be sure to thank them when your paths cross. They are invaluable people and a reminder of what this nation can do when it sits its mind to it.

Meantime both my thanks and my condolences go out to the Compton family, and to the families of all vets of all eras. I am old enough to remember meeting one of the last of the Spanish American War veterans, around 1967. He had joined very early and was close to his own passing when I met him. Remember, when you meet a veteran you are actually meeting history.

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